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Once upon a time in Santa Clara del Cobre...

October 01, 2019

Once upon a time in Santa Clara del Cobre... | Cactacea

The town of Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacán is famous for its copper (cobre in Spanish). 

When the Spanish arrived, they found a community of indigenous people creating beautiful objects out of hammered copper. The craft continued to flourish from the 1500s until well into the 19th century. After a period of economic hardship, today the craft and products are thriving again and the region is now recognised around the world for its remarkable copper artisans.

Our hand-hammered copper bottles and vases – shown here being hammered, shaped over fire and hand finished – are made by these same local Santa Clara del Cobre skilled artisans supporting their local community and skilling up future generations.

Copper VasesCopper VasesCopper Vases

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